Z'sihna Nitsah

Axe-wielding frontline soldier;
adventurer; bodyguard


Z'sihna Nitsah is a female Seeker of the Sun miqo'te from Limsa Lominsa who specializes in melee frontline combat with axe as her choice of weapon and has served in many battlefields despite her young age. Z'sihna seeks to overcome her past misconducts and reclaim the thriving life she once had prior to the calamity.


Name: Z'sihna Nitsah
Race: Miqo'te / Seeker of the Sun
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Occupation: (formerly) Soldier
(currently) Adventurer; bodyguard; specializes in escort duties

Server: Balmung


Z'sihna is a little bit taller than the average miqo'te females, but not by a lot. Her skin color is on the lighter side. Her face does not have any feline marks that are often found on her brethrens' faces, instead it is marked by youthful freckles. Her hair has dark blue-violet hue, and she likes to keep her hair simple and short. Her appearance as a whole gives the impression of the curious and youthful, which matches up her character fairly well.


"That miqo'te lives her own life as if she was a third person. Like, she doesn't care."

Z'sihna is clever and carefree. She is well-learned and cultured, though her behavior often suggests to the contrary. Socially she is very friendly, enthusiastic, and approachable, but she would rarely divulge her own stories while finding the momentary joy in hearing and pondering upon others' plights. Z'sihna will say nice things to everyone, listen to and sympathize with a person who is in trouble, but rarely does she actually take action to help, limiting her involvements to her (paying) clients that have needs of her axe. In other words, many knows her, but few are really friends with her. On the battlefield where her profession lies, however, she is a ruthless soldier who will not hesitate to carry out her duty, even if it means making certain sacrifices.

Z’sihna’s personality conflicts itself in some ways. She is remarkably friendly, kind, enthusiastic and sympathizing, but is also reluctant to be involved in anything. She is a formidable warrior, but she does not like being in the midst of action. The friendly and enthusiastic part of her personality is, while her nature by birth, also reinforced by her desire to avoid people confronting her past. Her innocent appearance and intentionally childish, naïve demeanor synergizes well in this regard, although one with a perceptive mind could tell that Z'sihna knows more than she lets on.

Positive Traits
clever, confident, fearless, friendly, quick-witted

Negative Traits
careless, jealous, indolent, proud

Detailed Background

She was talented in her discipline, but talent alone is often not enough. She rose high rapidly, only to taste disgrace and humiliation resulting from then her own naivety and inexperience. Her skills were ready for the world, but Z’sihna the person was not, and thanks to the calamity, no one was there to guide the young miqo’te towards the right direction… Now, this is where young Z’sihna finds herself, with enough coin to spend, sufficient skills to sell, but with a longing emptiness behind her cheery smile.

Z’sihna Nitsah was born as the second daughter to a small Miqo’te family that had made their home in the city of Limsa Lominsa for a few generations, leaving their tribal origins behind and adopting a more civilized lifestyle. Both of her parents were traveling merchants who frequented Limsa Lominsa, Aleport and also various Thanalan destinations. Their business was reasonably successful, and Z’sihna and her elder sister, Z’rikka, was brought up in a relatively wealthy environment and a happy family.

Both sisters were quick-witted and bright, but it was only Z’rikka that was gifted by the Twelve with strong aetherical sensitivity - the power of magic. Z’rikka was soon introduced to the Arcanist’s Guild in Limsa and became a full-time member in a short span. Meanwhile, Z’sihna quickly developed an aptitude for swinging heavy weapons that was easy to come by in the city of Limsa Lominsa – such as the axe, as she aspired to help her parents by protecting their trade routes. Being the curious and knowledge-seeking individual that she was, Z’sihna wished that she shared her sister’s gift so that she could also pursue the study of arcanina, but she was not stupid enough to beat herself over the wall and try to force it. Despite the slight sense of jealousy that Z’sihna felt towards her elderly sister, the two siblings remained close, nevertheless. Everything seemed well.

Z'sihna was alone at her place on the day of the calamity. Her parents were one of the parties that were tasked with supplying military provisions, and were on their travels on that fateful day. Z'sihna immediately realized the danger that they could possibly be in, and dashed out to the field looking for her parents despite all the panick and destruction incited by the calamity. She found them on the verge of dying, but still alive. She knew that they needed immediate healing magick, which she possessed none.

They were unable to walk, and the location was out of nowhere - they were caught on the middle of the road. Money-crazed bandits jumped on them with eyes on the goods. Young Z'sihna picked up her axe, and with a fervent desire to protect her dying parents ruthlessly cut through all of them. However, defeating bandits did not provide the much needed healing for her parents, nor a mean to transport them to safety. Despite her desperate effort, both of her parents were dead by the time she came into the vicinity of the nearest village. According to Z'sihna's own words, her lack of magick killed her parents.

Her initial reaction was that of fury towards her sister, who has been abroad for some time studying different fields of magic. She was not present the moment her magick was most needed. Z'sihna waited for her sister to reappear so that she could repremend her. As Z'rikka did not dare to show her face, Z'sihna paid visits to her sister's favorite guilds and personally made inquires. To her dismay, there was no trace of Z'rikka to be found. Even her death was not confirmed. She was suddenly left alone in the calamity-affected harsh world of Eorzea, with all of the pieces of her happy life gone.

Faced with loneliness, danger, and poverty for the first time in her life, Z’sihna picked up her axe to defend for herself and find employment so that she could make a living. The post-calamity Eorzea had no shortage of need for an armed miqo’te of her skills. After spending some time in Limsa, due to her nostalgia of her previous wealthy life, she made the choice to move to Ul’dah which, in her mind, would yield more lucrative opportunities given its reputation for wealth.

As she moved her base of operation to Ul’dah, she was noted for her prowess with the axe and her tactical thinking and picked up by the Immortal Flames. After a number of successful campaigns, she quickly distinguished herself, soon enough to find herself in personal contacts with the then Vice Marshal – none other than the traitor Eline Roaille. The young and inexperienced miqo’te, blinded by her desire to reclaim the thriving life that was once hers before the calamity, had no qualms about her superior’s questionable orders whose tactical purpose was unclear at best. It was only after the arrest of Roaille that she realized that she had been inadvertently aiding the Garleans by carrying out the orders of the traitor. As an associate of Roaille’s, Z’sihna was also immediately arrested. After a short trial where a panicked Z’sihna pleaded guilty to the charge of treason, she was put in the gaol.

General Raubahn was well aware that Z’sihna was little more than a scapegoat in this case. While she should still be held responsible for her actions, Raubahn intended to limit Z’sihna’s punishment to demotions in her rank and sought to release her from the gaol where she was being held indefinitely. However, as the betrayal of the Crystal Braves stripped Raubahn of his own power, he was unable to carry on that. As a result, Z’sihna was left to rot in the gaol until order in Ul’dah was restored during the Heavensward campaign.

When Z’sihna was finally released, the Flames considered enlisting her again, but despite her benign intentions, a treason was a treason, and some members of the organization were understandably opposed to the idea. Reluctant to let her prowess as a warrior go waste, General Raubahn instead recommended her to the Admiral of the Maelstrom, encouraging Z’sihna to return to her hometown of Limsa and rebuild her life there. The condition was that she would have to start again from the bottom of the rank, but she accepted. Z’sihna was welcomed by the Maelstrom as an accomplished warrior, and the traces of her former treason was scarce at best in Limsa, thanks to the suppression of news regarding the various conducts of Crystal Braves following its betrayal.

For a while Z’sihna made home in Limsa Lominsa, making a living from selling her services as a bodyguard and the occasional part-time services she performed for the Maelstrom. The Ala Mhigo liberation war has broken out, and she participated as a soldier of the Maelstrom unit that joined the campaign. Her martial prowess distinguished her once again, and her courage and contribution were recognized as she was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant over the entirety of the Ala Mhigo campaign. It looked as if she would finally be able to clear her name of the stains of treachery.

At the moment of her honor, however, she gave in to her temptation once again. Shortly after the city proper was liberated, she learned that the empire was conducting experiments to allow Garleans to use magic. Knowing that she was as good as a Garlean when it came to aether manipulation, Z’sihna abused her newly appointed rank to gain access to information pertaining to the experiment which should have been off-limits. She even personally interrogated Garlean prisoners to gain insight on the nature of this experiment, in the hope that she would finally wield magic.

Blinded by desire, she did not even put any effort into concealing such misconducts despite knowing what the consequences would be. Her effort was futile, of course, and she was caught in the act. Though Z’sihna was spared a stint in the gaols this time thanks to her many notable contributions during the war, she was suspended from active duty. Eventually, she decided to leave the Maelstrom, leaving her military career for good and returning to the life of freelancing.

Now, Z'sihna resides in La Noscea area. Years of adventuring and serving in the grand companies has won her reasonable amount of wealth for someone of her age. However, she still struggles to accept that no amount of work or wealth will buy her family back. Her desire was always to reclaim her thriving life before the calamity, and this age of respite is opening her eyes up to the uncomfortable truth that some things, her family included, cannot be recovered regardless of how hard she tried. Z'sihna would like to set her eyes on the future instead of the past that cannot be recovered, but as of now... she does not know how to.


  • Accomplished Warrior She is a formidable frontline soldier on the battlefield. With her axe arm she has carried many operations to success during her time in the Flames and the Maelstrom. She was also one of the first Maelstrom soldiers to receive training in the art of Warrior once Curious Gorge made it publically available for Maelstrom soldiers. Her willingness to do (and take) harm on the battleground never fails to surprise those who have only seen her in the taverns.

  • Cleverness – Despite the general stereotype of axe-wielders as brutes, Z’sihna is well-read and blessed with a sharp, tactical mind which served her well in the post-calamity world, especially during her time serving in the Flames. Z’sihna is also not hesitant to take advantage of these stereotypes and may feign ignorance to deceive rivals and enemies - or simply for the fun of it.

  • Alchemy – Z’sihna’s initial interest in alchemy was prompted as an attempt to cover up her one weakness in the battlefield that she was particularly mindful of – her lack of magic. Although she was delighted to discover that alchemy has more to offer than stocking her bag full of potions, her main purpose in dealing with alchemy remains that she stays prepared to face adversaries.


  • Likes Z'sihna likes good food, what she calls 'high culture', and her freedom. She also enjoys meeting people and learning about them. When something drastic occurs, she loves being the observant third person, only seldomly finding herself in the midst of the action.

  • Dislikes Z'sihna dislikes trouble more than death itself. She also detests the feeling of being bound to a role of responsibility, despite of, or maybe because of her military career. Despite her skills as a warrior, she finds no particular pleasure in fighting - on the contrary, she dislikes it.

  • She has jealousy issues towards magic-wielders, which goes back all the way to her childhood rivalry, albeit a friendly one, with Z’rikka. After the Ala Mhigo incident, her desire to wield magic borderlines on being an obsession.

  • Z’sihna is well behaved, befitting the prosperous upbringing she has had prior to the calamity. Her appearance and expression do not hint anything about the warrior that is within her.

  • Z'sihna does not yet know where her orientation leans towards. She never got to take a pause and contemplate about having relationships at all.


  • Those with a background in either the Flames or the Maelstrom are welcome to know Z'sihna for either her accomplishments as a warrior and war veteran... or her history of misconducts while serving.

  • Z'sihna was born and raised in Limsa Lominsa. Though she started traveling after the calamity, it is only natural that those that lived in that city may know her.

  • After quitting the Maelstrom, Z'sihna has returned to her root as an adventurer and would be happy to accept jobs that most adventurers do. Particularly, she specializes in escorting, as she has ever been doing it since her time of protecting her parents' caravans. Anyone is welcome to contact her for an escort service through non-safe areas and such.

  • Frankly, Z'sihna is very easy to approach and she would not mind at all if someone randomly said hi to her, which means... hooks can be quite flexible.

OOC Notes

I prefer in-game as RP venue, but I am open to anything. Feel free to discuss any potential ideas - I don't bite, nor does Z'sihna.

Still work in progress.